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el nath

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fettige haare nach einer lange zugfahrt

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your blue eyes

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  • Till There Was You
  • Can't Get Enough of Your Dang-Da-Dang
  • Jennifer (You're So Sexy)
  • I Want You
  • You Should Have Danced
  • Getting Through
  • Everybody But You
  • 123 What Can You See From Up the Hill When Life Stands Still
  • Do You Love Me
  • I Know That You Hate Me
  • I Die When the Night Comes
  • Fabulous Girl (Bonus Track)
  • Devil's Trick (Home Demo - Bonus Track)

Available HERE as free download.

"POPULARITY" is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike License. We encourage you to share it with your friends, post it on your blog, play it on your podcast, give it to strangers, remix it, etc.

for madmen only

Well then... we decided to throw the home demos for our album no. II work online for everyone. the songs are listed in no particular order and we'll add some more later on. just click to download.

(please bear in mind: these are all HOME demos, recorded, edited and mixed in our basement with no extra equipment except our imac (not even an extra mic - just the build-in mic) and logic, that was it. hence the varying sounds between the songs and some recordings being muddy or distorted).

The Taste Album No. 2 Home Demo Preview is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

i want you
  • I Want You
  • I Die When the Night Comes

Limited edition on 7" vinyl only.

Order the single directly on the labels website rankrecords.net. OR if you live in the UK: normanrecords.com.

out of the woods and trees
  • Till There Was You

Released on the compilation 'out of the woods and trees' by leeds based label 'dance to the radio'.

fresh, weird & wonderful
  • Can't Get Enough of Your Dang-Da-Dang

Released on the compilation 'fresh, weird & wonderful' by los angeles based label pistol records.